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Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is a landmark in everyone's life. Acknowledge that with something special.

One gift-buying approach that resonates with a lot of people is to try to find something that will enhance the professional image of the newly-minted graduate.

For men, this can mean a set of cufflinks in gold or a tie tack or money clip. Those are sure to leave a positive impression on potential employers or colleagues.

Women graduates will benefit from any type of jewellery that can be worn at work. In most places, a diamond necklace would not be appropriate for everyday wear, but a diamond on a chain would be. Almost any kind of pin can be worn at work in more formal settings, particularly if she wears a business suit. So do bracelets and rings. The good news is that even in much more relaxed work situations where, say, jeans are the norm, a woman's appearance can still benefit from a piece of jewellery. It says she has style and class.

And of course there is always the traditional gift of a watch. Whether for a man or a woman, the cachet of having a noteworthy timepiece is worth its weight in gold. It never hurts to look successful even if you are just starting out!