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Birthday Gift Ideas

Jewellery is a wonderful gift to give someone on a birthday because the wide variation of price points, styles and material to choose from makes it possible to satisfy everyone in your social circle. That includes friends, family and other acquaintances. Perhaps paramount in this spectrum of recipients is your spouse who should receive something special from you. One of the best ideas for men to give their wives is a piece of Jewellery with a particular style from a single designer. This way, as the occasions for gift-giving come along, the husband can expand the number of pieces while assuring that his wife won't have any problems matching pieces.

This doesn't mean that buying the work of just one designer is the only way that this approach will work. Consistency of material can also work as well, as when someone has a collection of diamond Jewellery or a number of pieces featuring a gold-and-silver combination or a more obvious theme like flower pendants.

The same holds true for men, although the range is obviously limited. But think how nice it would be to give someone a money clip that matches the cufflinks they received earlier.

Younger members of the family appreciate anything gold. Girls like bracelets and necklaces as well as earrings, and boys go for rings and watches. Grandma and grandpa are particularly fond of Jewellery that reminds them of their families, like rings or pins with a diamond or gem for each of their children or grandchildren.

For friends, the suggestion is that you give something that can be worn often and with a number of outfits or "looks." This often means choosing something more classic than avant garde or identified with a specific era. A baroque pin, for example, will only work