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A Guide to Watch Buying

More than ever before you can find an amazingly wide variety of fashionable, innovative and unique time pieces. The range can be bewildering when you consider all the possible combinations of characteristics available, but this guide will help you narrow down your choices.

Unlike some other jewelry-related products, it is not critical that you make decisions based on a particular order. Just decide what is the most important thing you are looking for in the purchase, and then proceed from there. It might be complex functionality you need most, or the need to impress onlookers or something that will impart a classic sense of style. Decide what's most important for you, then consider the other factors to help narrow your choice.

Size of Watches Nowadays, size matters. For some people, anyway. A watch has in recent years become a prime status and fashion symbol for many people. In cases like this, the larger the watch, the greater the need to impress. But you don't need to be a rock star or sports figure to wear a large watch because this style has become more mainstream. On the other hand, more typically-sized watches have lost none of their status or allure, so it is not necessary to go big in order to impress.

Consider Shape Watches come in more shapes than ever. Some are subtle variations on the classic circular shape while others have abandoned that approach altogether thanks to digital technology. Here, it's a good idea to match the personality of the wearer with the type of watch, especially if you are going to veer very far from the more traditional shapes. Athletic individuals, for example, seem more accepting of digital watches that do more than just tell time. A multi-function time piece would likely make a good choice for them.

Function Another popular choice in watches is the chronograph. These provide information beyond just the time, and can vary a great deal. Some will provide you with a second face to keep time in another time zone. Others will show you what phase the moon is in. Still others provide other functions. This category is a great choice for someone with a special interest that might be enhanced by a special type of watch.

Materials A quick look at any store that sells watches will show you how wide the variety of materials that watches are made from. They range from diamonds at the very top of the expense pyramid to stainless steel or even rubberized plastic at the bottom. Like the pyramids in Egypt, the range of what is available between these two points is huge. Another factor in this category is age - is a vintage watch going to appeal to that person or should it be something new? Or would something trendy suit the person best? Consider the possibilities. Doing so will narrow your search considerably and make it easier to find just the right time piece for that special person.