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A Guide to Necklace Styles

Necklaces are actually quite a bit more than just some jewelry that is draped around a neck. There are, in fact, several distinct types -- something that the average person isn't aware of -- and knowing what they are will help you make a perfect choice when you are in the market for one.

Chokers These necklaces emphasize the neckline and lie just above the collarbone. Chokers are usually reserved for evening wear (although they did enjoy a period of day popularity during the 1970's) and they complement all styles of dress necklines.

Princess length This is the most popular length for necklace, and it goes well with almost all types of clothes from plunging to high necklines.

Matinee: This is longer - about 20-25 inches - than the princess length and is a style often used for business attire. It tends to fall to the top of the bust.

Opera This style is also known as rope necklace and it is worn as a single strand or a double loop. It is longer even than the matinee style necklace.

Adjustable necklaces Adjustable necklaces are, as the name says, adjustable and can be the perfect choice for those who are not sure of the length they need.

Bib necklaces Bib necklaces tend to be larger and wider than other types yet can still be unassuming and subtle. They are usually made of woven precious metal or strands of beads or pearls. The word most often used to describe them is "pretty."

Lariats Here is another type of long necklace with the difference being that it is not attached at one end so that you can knot it in different ways. Some lariat necklaces have an open slot or charm on one end through which you can slide the necklace to keep it on you.

As you can see, there are a number of styles to choose from, and you can use your judgement as to which kind to buy, whether for special occasion use or more frequent wearing. There is sure to be something in one of these categories that will be perfect for both of you.

However, if you want to drape something beautiful around her neck but don't want a necklace, then you might consider getting her a simple pendant. You can find many absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry that fit into this category and you can then have as much fun in choosing what you will hang the pendant on as you do in settling on which pendant to buy. There is a wide variety of choices such as leather, woven silk cord as well as a world of styles in woven precious metal chains. Unleash your imagination in finding the right combination of chain and pendant!