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Buying Yellow Diamonds in Melbourne: Here Are 3 essential tips to help you.


Yellow diamonds, which were earlier reserved for royalties, or worse considered as low quality substitutes for white diamonds, have now become incredibly popular and highly sought after in modern times.


According to Melbourne jewellers, the ever rising prices of white diamonds and the increasing desire of colored diamonds, has given a huge boost to yellow diamond sales.


If you’re planning to buy yellow diamonds for your engagement ring in Melbourne, here are a few things to assist you along your journey.


GIA color grades for yellow diamonds


Yellow diamonds aren’t really yellow, but adorn a canary color, which the GIA calls “Fancy Yellow.” These diamonds are among the rarest and come in 4 main qualities:


The lighter grade – Fancy Light Yellow
The medium grade – Fancy Yellow
A strong grade – Fancy Intense Yellow
The rarest – Fancy Vivid Yellow


Radiant, Cushion, Pear and Oval Cuts are the best for Yellow diamonds


Whenever people buy diamonds, the ‘sparkle’ is the biggest consideration, who often choose the round cut specifically for this reason.


But why it is that we never see yellow diamonds cut round? The short answer is that the radiant and cushion cut are known to show much better color than rounds. This means a fancy yellow diamond will not look as yellow in a round as it would in other shapes.