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Engagement Rings Are For Brides Who Are Bold, Elegant and Self-Assured


An emerald engagement ring is a semblance of confidence and prestige. An emerald will look gorgeous on brides who are strong, self-assured and yet like things simple. Anyone who considers themselves to be more shy and demure seems to not feel as comfortable with emerald jewellery.


What are your thoughts?


Emerald is Elegant But Has No Sparkle 


Unlike the traditional Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, the Emerald Cut is not associated with sparkle and luster. Consider this option only if your bride prefers boldness and elegance over loud sparkle.


Every Emerald Cut Diamond has anywhere between 50 to 80 facets that adorn a step cut pattern. Because its crown and pavilion are shallow, the Emerald will not exude a great luster.


Ring Setting For Emerald Jewellery


The truncated corners of the Emerald keep it secure in most settings. See here, which setting will be best for you:


Claw: A four claw setting is ideal as it gives maximum light and exposure to the Emerald Cut, helping in bringing out its natural beauty.


Pave: A Pave setting will add extra bling over the ring and will not contrast as well with an Emerald. Such a setting is more ideal for Round Brilliant Cuts, Princess Cuts, Cushion Cuts etc.


Three stone: A popular option for the Emerald is the three stone setting. The most timeless, classic diamond rings will comprise of two smaller Emerald cut diamonds perfectly in proportion on either side of the centre Emerald.


Lastly, if you’re price conscious, but of course still want something precious for the bride to be, an Emerald is a fantastic option as it is one of the most affordable diamond engagement ring cuts that are available.


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