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5 Reasons Why Women Love Diamonds



Regardless of whether a man is chivalrous or a beast, he can win the heart of a woman he desires with diamonds. Diamonds are gorgeous, expensive, and for many of us a once in a lifetime investment. Even in societies where bridal wealth is frowned upon, a woman will not be able to resist touching and enjoying the looks of the precious stone... Women are biologically attracted to bright, shiny things!


Here are 5 other reasons why women belonging to any culture, love diamonds:


It Shows How Serious A Guy Is For Them


Girls always love being spoilt. If a man is willing to forgo a respectable amount of his salary solely on a diamond engagement ring, it shows he’s serious about his intentions. There may be other means of showing your love, but we bet there isn’t a better way of proving it.


She Can Always Show It Off To Her Friends


If your girl has a normal circle of girl friends, be assured they’ll judge you by your purchasing power. This is when she’ll be very proud of flaunting her diamond ring to her friends and also make them envious of your love and commitment for her.


Diamonds Are Forever


Any man presenting his girl with a unique sapphire or emerald engagement ring signifies that he sees her as part of his future. The presentation of a personally selected diamond is also a symbolic action of his feelings and intentions, the diamond is a symbol of their journey together, to last forever.


It Makes Her Feel, She Deserves the Best


The hype about diamonds being a girl’s best friend emerged from the historical advertising campaign by DeBeer’s in the 1930s. They created diamonds to be the symbol of eternal love. Ever since then, women have felt more worthy of receiving diamond rings. Let’s be honest here, if a woman isn’t interested in diamonds, she’ll certainly want something equally expensive, like Emeralds or Sapphires!