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Most Classic Engagement Ring Styles



When it comes to purchasing an ideal engagement ring in Melbourne or elsewhere, endless choices and possibilities can sometimes make the whole exercise confusing and difficult. But you can narrow down your search by brushing up your knowledge on some of the most popular ring styles.

Let’s take a look at some!


1.   The Solitaire

A widely accepted timeless and classic engagement ring style, the Solitaire is an elegant and slender band featuring a single and distinguished centre Diamond.

Solitaire is a Latin word, where ‘sol’ means single, thus making it symbolic reflection of ‘one true love’. No wonder the Solitaire Engagement Ring is a favorite amongst many.


2.   Fancy Shapes

There’s an abundance of fancy shapes in Coloured Gemstones, or Premium Diamonds to suit the most individual and particular of tastes.

A classic yet distinctive piece would make for one perfect engagement ring, or celebration jewel.

You can also opt for the second most famous shape, the Princess Cut; either in Emerald Jewellery or Sapphire Jewellery.


3.   The Halo

Halo rings have been gaining widespread popularity amongst the bride’s-to-be for quite some time now. For they help lift the brilliance and presence of your central stone and also give it a timeless, feminine touch.


In fact, many wholesale diamond sellers in Melbourne are largely promoting the sought-after look of the Halo engagement ring styles, as many women instantly fall in love with the idea of getting a slightly bigger look out of their jewel.


Featuring a beautiful centre stone, the classic and gorgeous Halo Rings are artfully accented featuring individually hand set smaller Diamonds.


When on your journey for rings or diamonds in Melbourne, make sure to shop around, and get a feel for whom best understands you, and what is important to you.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas, we would love to assist you with your memorable moment.